Baby Bottle Campaign


REGISTER HERE to Host a Baby Bottle Campaign!

Purpose of the BBC:

  • To celebrate and promote the value of Motherhood & Fatherhood
  • To raise the crucial funds needed for the ministry
  • To educate church members about the free services SPC provides to the community
  • To promote unity within the church body by providing an opportunity for the church to participate in a local missions outreach project


Southside Pregnancy Center supplies everything needed to get started:

  • Baby Bottles
  • Sample Bulletin Inserts/Flyer (set up to print 2 to a page)
  • Sample Pulpit and/or Bulletin Announcements
  • Display Board


HOW the BBC WORKS…Your Group will:

  • Take a Baby Bottle Home/to Work
  • Fill it  (with change, dollars or a check)  
  • Pray  (for those families their spare change will help)
  • Return (bottles to church 3 weeks after distribution day)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Teresa at 708.346.9070 or

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